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ThuyTien Clay Flowers

Flower is the art of nature that prettify our life. It is the nutrition for countless of poets, writers. In our modern life, flower is the gift that connect life and love. If you are a flower lover, do you want to make a flower gift for your beloved ones? You can also decorate your house to make it a warm natural home.

Welcome to Thuy Tien flower with the following services:

Speciality of receiving orders, designing and training on making artistic flowers:

  • Clay flower
  • Silk flower
  • Paper/ Tissue flower
  • Clay doll, Silk doll,
  • Memorable gifts and decorative items.
  • Distribute and retail all kinds of flower making materials

Our products achieved serveral comments on reputations and quality during International Festivals held in VN, and rewarded by Golden Cup of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Development, Festival Gold Medal.

Website: www.thuytienflowers.com
Email: info@thuytienflowers.com - thuytien0989@yahoo.com
Cellphone: 08.971 4241 – 093.402.9283 Mrs Nga

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